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Established in 1969, Radaelli Stampi s.r.l. (individual firm and then limited company), with office in ARCORE (MONZA), immediately distinguished itself by precision and quality in its workings in the field of planning and construction of plastic materials moulds, both injection and blow. In detail, the fields it applies to diversify: from technical to toys, as regards injection; from cosmetics to industrial articles (bottles, tanks,…) as far as blow is concerned.

The factory is 1800 square meters in area and is located in an industrial area, which can be easily reached. Inside it presents distinct departments used for production, store, administration and technical office, where a specialised staff is employed. In order to be in the van and to meet its customers’ requirements, the company has been and still is highly ambitious, aiming at preserving and investing in a competitive technological equipment and observing regulations concerning employees’ safety.


The whole planning and programming of RADAELLI STAMPI S.R.L. is assisted and controlled by its technical office. Composed of a highly skilled staff, it’s able to develop the plan and the production of prototypes and of the respective moulds, always taking into consideration the customers’ requirements.

In order to reflect its products’ quality at best it resorts to sophisticated and up-to-date 2D and 3D CAD systems. Besides allowing the mechanical realisation of the different workings, these systems, through technical drawings, are able to visualise the three dimensions of the object , to calculate its volume and to define its shape. The data stored by the CAM system are directly transferred to the numerical control of the machine-tools.


for over 40 years we are experts in the design of a blow molding and injection for the beverage, food, personal care, pharmacy and cleaning sectors

injection molds

boasting our experience in the sector, we are able, today, to create multi-impression molds of different types and complexity


blow molds

we produce multi-cavity blow molds with high technology and control to increase automation and high production


PET blow molds

among our services we also deal with the production of blow molds for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers


production of caps

in the last years we of Radaelli Stampi, we have implemented the production activity of a line of caps of our production for the detergent sector


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V. Buonarroti,63
20043 Arcore
Monza e Brianza – Italy

phone: 039-61.54.97



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